Odd "logout" behaviour in KDE4 (Jaunty)

Derek Broughton derek at pointerstop.ca
Thu Jul 23 16:48:56 UTC 2009

I never used to logout at all.  I either hibernated, or broke something and 
had to reboot (or at least restart X) without logging out of KDE.  However, 
to get the Intel Graphics in Jaunty to work decently, I've had to sacrifice 
reliable hibernation (another issue completely).

However, the "shutdown" menu option (from Kickoff) isn't reliable either - 
it seems to generally result in kontact, and often kwin crashing.  So I 
chose to "Logout" first - and find it NEVER takes me to a login prompt.  
Instead it logs me out, then shuts down.  Since this does exactly what I 
usually want, I'm not overly concerned, but it seems to me I must have 
checked some configuration option to get that behaviour, and I can't find 
it.  Anybody know what it is?  Surely, shutting down the whole system on 
"Logout" is not default behaviour.

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