KVM on Kubuntu 9.04

Derek Broughton derek at pointerstop.ca
Wed Jul 22 17:35:38 UTC 2009

Billie Erin Walsh wrote:

> Jeffrey Barish wrote:
>> Is anyone using KVM on Kubuntu 9.04?  The preferred installation for KVM
>> includes virt-manager and virt-viewer, which are apparently GTK
>> applications.  I was planning to run Ubuntu in a VM using KVM in part to
>> keep my Kubuntu machine free of GTK components.  Should I not care about
>> the pollution of Kubuntu?  Are there better options for running a VM on
>> KDE?
> Well, from my point of view, I run the apps that I like. I much prefer
> the KDE desktop but I have a few Gnome apps. Of course they load in some
> Gnome stuff besides just the app but................. Personally, I'm
> not such a purist that I shun something just because it isn't KDE.
> Hasn't seemed to hurt anything on my machine. YMMV

Given two apps that do _exactly_ the same thing in KDE or GTK, I naturally 
choose KDE because it's more beautiful :-)

But not every app will always have a counterpart.  Everything starts as a 
thought in one person's mind, and that person probably has a preferred 
desktop environment.  It's a bit much to expect someone who hasn't the 
slightest interest in KDE to create a KDE interface for their app.

Or to answer the question a little less windily, "no, there currently aren't 
any better options". :-)

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