Can't boot new kernel image

Tim Johnson tim at
Mon Jul 20 19:59:11 UTC 2009

* Goh Lip <g.lip at> [090719 19:35]:
> Tim, looks like there is a mismatch with uuid. There is also a chance 
> your disk is problematic. We can still try a couple of things, like
> "dpkg-reconfigure --all" or modifying the grub menu.lst NOT to search by 
> uuid, but by label or by /dev/sda1; but I suspect you know that. :) but 
> there remains problems with splash script and the /etc/udev/udev.conf 
> file and I don't know for sure if it is related to uuid identification 
> issues.
> So, I will pass the baton back to you. :)
   I used dpkg-reconfigure --all. I will shortly reboot, and I will
   let you all know how it goes.
   If it still does not boot, then I will tackle the uuid issue

   Thanks again for your attention and input, I really appreciate it
   and am learning.
tim at

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