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Fri Jul 17 17:28:49 UTC 2009

clay weber wrote:
> Unfortunately, drm is sort of necessary in a movie *rental* situation, 
> and I grudgingly agree with its use in a case like this. Imagine how 
> many movies I could save to my drive for my $17.95 per month 
> subscription, then cancel after a month or so.
> clay

I guess it depends on how desperate one is to view movies online.  :-)  
Personally, I'd rather just rent the DVD than deal with that Microsoft 
SliverBlight DRM hassle.  DRM and proprietary formats are also why I 
bought a Sandisk Sansa Clip instead of one of Apple's iBlobs.

There are alternatives.  You just need to decide how important instant 
gratification is to you and what you're willing to give up for it.

Do you GNU <>?
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antivirus protection!

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