Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Thu Jul 16 22:16:55 UTC 2009

> and _that_ has nothing to do with menus.  You want an action that happens
> when you press delete, and we told you how to do that.

Apparently I posted the question improperly.  I will try again.  If I were to 
open the edit menue in Kmail, how could I have as an option delete there was 
what I meant.  I have solved my need another way based upon one response that 
gave instructions on resetting configuration on shortcuts.  What I have done to 
solve my problem is edit the toolbar to include a 'delete' option.  This is a 
better solution than the one I asked about and works great.  I left the post 
alive rather than solved because someone else might need the answer that for 
what I intended.  Sorry for being such a clutz in my question.
> KDE apps generally don't give you a way to add menu options (simply at
> least - iirc, it was always possible to do it via dcop, and should still be
> possible via dbus), but this IS an existing command in KMail - it simply
> doesn't have a menu entry.  

I don't understand much of what you have written in this portion of response; 
it is still 'over my head'.
Things like the Kubuntu-users post acknowledgement shouldn't need to be 
handled twice like happens in trash.  I love the delete option on the toolbar.  
It works perfect for what I wanted the option.  Thanks!  Anytime anyone wants 
to call the problem resolved is OK with me, until all who need the answer have 
had a chance to read ongoing responses.  Thanks!


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