ATI has three employees working on FOSS Linux drivers

Bruce Marshall bmarsh at
Thu Jul 16 13:39:45 UTC 2009

On Thursday 16 July 2009, Chris Jones wrote:
> Personally I won't be switching to ATI until they give a driver that is
> as good as the nvidia one, closed, FOSS or otherwise. Sorry if that
> offends people but fact of life. I'll support FOSS when I can, but its
> more important to me that my systems work well in 3D.

I would agree....    I switched to NVidia long ago when ATI just couldn't 
provide the OpenGL performance that NVidia could.   I think at the time, ATI 
was supplying the support in software versus NVidia doing it in the hardware.  
Quite a difference.

As for FOSS,  I could care less as long as they support Linux in a proper 
manner, and they have.

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