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John Pierce john.j35 at
Thu Jul 16 00:29:02 UTC 2009

> I had the impression that WoW was quit well supported under wine and
> looking at is see that
> the rating for WoW is Gold and Platinum so it should be possible to
> play it but with some issues depending on your hardware. I don't play
> WoW but Warcraft 3 and Dota and it works fine except a annoying bug
> that I don't see all writings in chat.
> / Jonas

You are very correct, WoW does have good support under wine.  However,
the problem is when the user buys the box at staples or walmart they
read the requirements and is says Windows ???? whatever version and
the user immediately thinks that linux is out of the question.

On a side note, it is difficult to get the average user to understand
that most hardware is supported out of the box.  No driver
installation necessary.  Case in point, I purchased a USB Bluetooth
adapter and plugged it in and immediately k-bluetooth popped up and it
works.  Wanted to use it on a friends WinXP box and had to install the
drivers and then do a reboot and it still did not function quite

I have moved a functional hdd with kubuntu on it to another physical
machine.  On the first boot everything worked, network came up, video
worked and sound was there.  Try that on a WinXP hdd and see how many
reboots you have to go through and it still might not work.  And
forget Vista, it won't even boot.

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