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Steven Vollom stevenvollom at sbcglobal.net
Tue Jul 14 17:23:13 UTC 2009

> The cli is not just for old-school 'luddites' and 'power users', and the
> gui is not just for the 'average joe' or 'inexperienced' users. Like it or
> not, the command line is the basis for much of what we use, even if we
> don't see it. One of the tougher jobs to promote more adoption of Linux is
> to minimize the fear of the command line, to show where it is easier and
> more powerful, that it is *one* of the many tools out there.
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> Clay Weber
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I want to use cli as much as possible.  Someone told me to hit f4 when I was 
in the gui and I do that all the time, even when using a gui.  It allows me to 
see the steps which must take place to have things happen.  It got me very 
conscious of directory and many other things that happen in the cli unnoticed 
when using a gui.

But easiest to find and install any application you might have the proper name 
of is to just apt-get install it.  You skip many gui steps and it just goes to 
work.  That's my opinion.


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