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Derek Broughton derek at
Tue Jul 14 02:14:30 UTC 2009

Billie Erin Walsh wrote:

> I differ to beg with your beg to differ.


> _IF_ you know what package you want and _IF_ you only have one to
> install and _IF_ you have a clue how to get to a CLI and use it [ not
> necessarily intuitive ] apt get is useful. Like when I did my Jaunty
> install a short while back. I already knew that adept and other KDE
> package handling systems were total trash _AND_ know that synaptic was
> still useful I used apt get to install synaptic. Installing all the rest
> of my usual software was done in synaptic. Twenty, thirty or more at a
> time. [ hammering my ISP  *<]:oD  ] I'm not so sure I could have gotten
> everything done in the time it took with synaptic to get it all
> installed and be doing other setup, like e-mail, at the same time using
> apt get.

If you don't know what package you want, you use "aptitude search" or 'apt-
cache search'.

If I want to install multiple programs, it's still simple.  As is installing 
some and purging others at the same time.  There's nothing you can do in 
synaptic that I can't do at the command line, but that's really not what I'm 
talking about.  It's just far simpler to explain to somebody who is 
completely lost by giving them the exact commands in an email (unless you 
happen to be really handy with screen-capture software).
> For someone that is just doing his first install telling them how to get
> synaptic installed and the rest is easy. Steps
> 1) Click the big blue icon with the "K" on it
> 2) Go to "System"
> 3) Click "Synaptic Package Handler" [ Put in user password in popup ]
>       A) Left pane shows categories
>              a) Choose category to brows only that type software or
> "all" to view everything
>       B) Top right pane shows packages
>              a) Left click package to see description in lower right pane
>              b) Right click package to choose install or other options
> 4) Click "Apply" when ready and follow prompts
> 5) Kick back and relax
> I think anyone could figure it out from there.

You obviously have never been on a software helpdesk.  Trust me, most people 
who ask would never get past #2.


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