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Derek Broughton derek at
Mon Jul 13 17:15:16 UTC 2009

Pastor JW wrote:

>> Joel, I want to thank you for your effort in steering this new user in
>> the right direction.  So many times I see the majority of
>> experienced users of various distros blowing off new users.  We were
>> all new users at one time or another and probably felt overwhelmed.
> Have to agree!  Most try to dump a new user into apt-get hell and then
> berate the user for not understanding what he is doing. Synaptic is the
> best first step and one can fool around with antique ways like apt when he
> has more free
> time and first has a little better understanding of the modern system. 
> This is the reason Kubuntu is not in greater use but Synaptic cures this
> gap by providing a modern rather than the luddite style cli update tool.
I beg to differ.  It's almost impossible to tell somebody how to use a GUI 
package manager (or any other GUI tool) in a text medium like this, if you 
have to do anything beyond the very basics.

In fact, I'll argue that any GUI that isn't intuitively obvious (never mind 
that such apps shouldn't even exist) should be saved until the user "has a 
little better understanding of the modern system", and the older, simpler, 
ways will _give_ you that understanding.

So explaining to people how to use aptitude _should_ be clearer and simpler.  
I'll keep doing it.

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