Problem with Live CD.

Mark Greenwood fatgerman at
Thu Jul 9 19:40:48 UTC 2009

On Thursday 09 Jul 2009 03:40:11 steven vollom wrote:
> On Wednesday 08 July 2009 04:31:15 pm Goh Lip wrote:
> > steven vollom wrote:
> >   If I
> >
> > > put koala on a separate HDD and saved its files to a separate and
> > > exclusive partition, would it then be safe for me to take a look.
> > >
> > > It sounds terrific to me.  It sounds like it has solved lots of problems.
> >
> > Steven, please stop. seriously. Karmic uses grub2 and
> > Grub2 have more problems with booting OS's from 2 separate HDD's.
> > Give it time. It will improve.
> >
> >
> > On a side note, I am appreciating Hardy on kde3.5.10 more.
> > Since I was planning to clear it later this year, I threw everything at
> > it. Gee, it's solid. Everything works. I might keep it for keeps.
> >
> > take care
> > goh lip
> I will try to take everyone's advice, but knowing myself, I will probably jump 
> in the fire with the excuse that I am cold.

Hahahaha. Oh Steven it's good to have you back.
> I am looking for a couple of gb of ram for my old box.  I will remove the 80gb 
> HDD and just use the 200.  That way it won't even be in the same computer with 
> my other stuff.  If it is such a bad thing, why are so many of you working with 
> it? 

That's the way open source software works... they release an Alpha in the hope that some mad people will use it and report bugs, because they don't have the resources to test it properly themselves - *but* the caveat is that they need those people to be sufficiently experienced to help them debug the bugs.. Alpha, in the software world, means "unstable, unsuitable for general use, will probably not work properly, and you will almost certainly lose all your data if you try it". In my experience, even the Betas aren't much better. If you're interested in seeing it and you have a spare PC then go for it, but don't expect much support and don't expect it to work properly. It will be a curiosity, nothing more.

> It is amazing to me that all the players in this Koala game say to stay away, 
> but none of them seem to be staying away themselves.  

They're only trying to save you from yourself... :)


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