Kmail starts at login

Derek Broughton derek at
Wed Jul 8 21:36:15 UTC 2009

Clay Weber wrote:

> On Tuesday 07 July 2009 6:56:13 am Thomas Olsen wrote:
>> Hi
>> I've tried to find the thread regarding this but to no avail. My problem
>> is the same. When I login to KDE kmail starts automatically. Someone
>> suggested to remove Contacts from krunners plugins if using dIMAP for
>> Contacts. I did so but kmail still starts.
>> The I had to go elsewhere and now I cannot find the thread regarding
>> this. And I don't have kmail in Autostart :-)
> Check out the Session Manager in System Settings' Advanced tab.  Turn of
> saved sessions there. That should take care of that

That's horrible overkill - now you've turned off restarting ALL apps.

Session Manager, iirc, lets you specify to either restart with a _specific_ 
session, the last session you logged out from, or a new session.  So, it's 
worthwhile to check it, because you may be always restarting a session that 
had an active KMail, but I wouldn't turn it _off_.  I'd set Session Manager 
to restart the applications that were running when you logged out (kind of 
useless under KDE 4, since half the apps abort rather than saving their 
session states, but _ideally_ it's nice).

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