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steven vollom stevenvollom at
Wed Jul 8 16:17:58 UTC 2009

On Tuesday 07 July 2009 06:59:46 am David Fletcher wrote:
> On Wednesday 01 July 2009 17:19:25 Michael wrote:
> > Willy K. Hamra wrote:
> > > other than that, Steven Vollom hasn't appeared for a while
> >
> > Oh Willy!  You are going to burn in Hell for that one!  ;)
> I was just thinking:- Actually, we've not heard from him for quite a while.
> Does anybody know if he's allright?

I appreciate the interest.  I am not perfect.  I don't know whether I am 
recovering from a vicious flu or having side effects from a bump on the head 
about 10 days ago.  I guess I will have to see a doctor to find out, because 
the symptoms linger on.  

I got my new box running again for those of you who were helping me on that 
issue.  I haven't been able to get to a shop to see if any components are 
defective, but I removed memory from the outer slots and took out the new 
video card, then installed a Live CD, and it booted up.  I have since gotten 
it to boot normally.

I am not smart enough to know if that means the motherboard is good or the 
video card, or other potential hardware issues, but at least it is working 
pretty well.  It has been operating fine for a few days now.

I get pretty dizzy and nauseated when I get out of bed, so I may not be on my 
computer much for a while, like recently.  I am sure it has given many of you 
a much needed rest.  I am still thankful and very grateful for the help you 
have given me.  It is probably difficult for you to see the progress in my 
computing abilities, but the affect is dramatic from my standpoint.  It is a 
kind thing you have done for an old man.  Also, I am filled with hope and 
belief that many shy inexperienced users may have benefited much from your 
nursing me along.  And that makes it worth while.

You are all in my prayers.


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