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Tue Jul 7 13:55:44 UTC 2009

Thomas Olsen wrote:
> On Tuesday 07 July 2009 12:27:35 Thomas Olsen wrote:
>> Hi
>> After upgrading from FF-3.5b4pre to 3.5 during normal upgrade it's CPU
>> usage is between 35% to 85%.
>> Does anyone else experience this?
> Forget this. I did a relogin and now it's around 3-5%. Hmm, weird.

I just did a 3.0.11-to-3.5 upgrade yesterday.  One other thing I had to 
do (this was in Jaunty, Karmic might be different) was change the 
/usr/bin/firefox symlink to point to /usr/bin/firefox-3.5 instead of 
/usr/bin/firefox-3.0.  Then it came right up.

So far, it does feel quicker.  And yes, the Ogg Theora playback works 
just fine!

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