I want to be one with everything, a ? for the xen masters.

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On Mon, Jul 6, 2009 at 1:33 PM, "Terrell Prudé
Jr."<microman at cmosnetworks.com> wrote:
> You certainly can.  I've done it with Xen and CentOS 5, so it should be no
> problem with Kubuntu Jaunty.  But if you want to do it with a non-Xen-ized
> guest OS (e. g. MS Windows), you *must* have a CPU that supports the recent
> VM extensions in hardware.  That means a Core 2 Duo or Phenom CPU; maybe the
> very latest Athlon64's might   work as well.  Pentium 4's, no way; you'll
> need VMware then.
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Okay, thank you Terrell.

I have an AMD Turion 64x2 TL50, it has the virtualization extensions
listed when I do cat /proc/cpuinfo.  My BIOS also has the ability to
enable/disable that feature of the cpu.

At this point I guess I just need to install the xen server kernel and
let it boot.  I will see what happens.
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