fvwm unable to initialize in Kubuntu 8.10...

Joe(theWordy)Philbrook jtwdyp at ttlc.net
Sat Jan 31 05:44:59 UTC 2009

It would appear that on Jan 28, Eberhard Roloff did say:

> I am on Kubuntu i386 8.10 and do not have fvwm.
> However I am using kde, openbox and xfce4.
> While I login via kdm because it's so easy, there is "startkde", 
> "startxfce4" and "startopenbox"
> available for me as a bash command.

Thanks for responding Eberhard. But I think "easy" is in the hands of
the user... For me it's much easier to tap at the keyboard than to
wrestle the rodent into pointing where it needs to click something...

Of course KDM isn't that much harder than a console login for me.
I usually only have to remember to <shift>+<tab> to get back to the
login prompt to override kdm's guess about what user I'm about to login
as. Then remember to advance to the password field with <tab> instead
of <enter> like my reflexes expect to do at a login prompt...
But I never liked the way it displays a list of all possible login names
instead of expecting the user to remember how to type one in. And for
some irrational reason the insistence on there being a user image icon 
that not even root (nor sudoer) can disable (without hacking) actually 
offends me... I did say it was an irrational reason to get offended. But 
it offends me none the less.  

So on most linux the first thing I do is configure for a non-graphical 
login and then 95% of the time use startx as the first command...

> Maybe you got a complimentary "startfvwm", or similar?

It doesn't seam so. But actually it's a moot point. The solution appears to 
be to use an ~/.xinitrc file that points at fvwm and use startx. Thus I 
wrote a short user script as ~/bin/startfvwm that automatically does an
"cp ~/.fvwmxinitrc ~/.xinitrc" just before it calls startx... When the 
xserver terminates the script resumes execution and restores .xinitrc to 
it's original state allowing startx to once again start kde...

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