Kubuntu 8.10 does not recognise external HD with NTFS and FAT32 partitions.

Eberhard Roloff tuxebi at gmx.de
Fri Jan 30 15:32:18 UTC 2009

Bas Roufs wrote:
> Hello Ulrich and everybody
>> you must first create /mnt/test
> Not yet knowing whether this is right, I created a subdirectory
> '/test' in the directory /mnt. Then, I carried out the test suggested
> by you as follows:
> bas at Viaconsensus1:~$ sudo mount /dev/sdg2 /mnt/test -t vfat
> This resulted in this feedback:
> mount: special device /dev/sdg2 does not exist
Hi Bas,

you may create and subsequently delete your directory as long as you 
like. ;-))

However this is what you got:

 > mount: special device /dev/sdg2 does not exist

Imho this error message exactly means what it tells you:
your device does not exist.

In order to identify your device please do

sudo fdisk -l

in the last line(s) of this command's output, you should see the device 
name(s) for your ntfs drive and for your fat32 drive, respectively.

Then try to mount one or the other (only one at a time, then umount it 
before mounting the other) to your directory like this, assuming that 
/dev/sdb2 is your partition from fdisk -l

sudo mount /dev/sdb2 /mnt

then please report back whether this works and if not, what happened.


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