K3b problem Kubuntu 8.04.2 AMD64

chuck adams k7qo at commspeed.net
Thu Jan 29 22:41:24 UTC 2009

Maybe someone can give me a quick and easy answer.

I was backing up personal files using K3b.  Had done
a few DVDs without a problem.

I kept getting a popup asking if I wanted to mount
the device when running K3b and inserted the disc
to write to.  I kept selecting ignore.  Then, one time
I hit select K3b and do this every time.  My mistake
I guess.

Now, when I insert a blank DVD, K3b comes up and
I can select files to write to the disc, but when I
select 'burn' the 'start' button is never activated.
I have attempted to write using sudo to run as
root and I'm looking for the system setting that
was changed to give me this unusable condition.

Hopefully, some one has been there, done that.

thanks in advance


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