choppy .mov in kaffeine

D. R. Evans doc.evans at
Thu Jan 29 21:05:51 UTC 2009

David McGlone said the following at 01/18/2009 11:21 AM :
> Has anyone experienced playing choppy sound with .mov files  played wit=
> kaffeine or dragon player? They play fine in vlc and Mplayer, but I can=
> stand Mplayer, I want to use Kaffeine.=20

This is one of the regressions I've seen here when moving from 8.04 to
8.10. Video is flickery and the sound choppy. I haven't bothered to try
spend the time to try to do anything about it. I figure (perhaps na=C3=AF=
that it's something to do with the new multimedia subsystem in KDE4 and
that at some point in the next year or so it will go back to working
perfectly like it used to.



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