9.04: is KDE 4.2 ever making it to 8.10?

Billie Erin Walsh bilwalsh at swbell.net
Thu Jan 29 14:57:35 UTC 2009

On 01/29/2009 Georgi Kourtev wrote:
>  Do I have to remove the ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-experimental from
>  the repository after the installation or is fine to leave it there?
>  gk


Long answer:

I'm sure someone will have a better answer but I left it in. At first I 
just disabled it but one of the new packages didn't get installed for 
4.2 so I enabled it again and installed the one package. I probably 
should disable it but haven't so far. I'm sort of debating. If there are 
any updates to 4.2 I suppose they will be in the ppa so if it's disabled 
I won't get them till 9.04. On the other hand 9.04 is only a couple 
months away so....................

Short answer:

Leave it in but possibly disable in sources.

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