9.04: is KDE 4.2 ever making it to 8.10?

Rolf Kutz rk at vzsze.de
Thu Jan 29 13:01:05 UTC 2009

On 26/01/09 06:15 -0500, Art Alexion wrote:
>On 01/25/2009 Alan Dacey wrote:
>>> > i am using KDE 4.2 on Intrepid :P but using a PPA, as explained in 
>>> > kubuntu's news pages
>>> > 
>> True, but the ppa versions are really beta.  I'm using them too in a separate 
>> partition and they rock!  This is what KDE 4.0 should have been -sweet, pretty, 
>> robust and It Just Works.

Without 4.0 there would be no 4.2 right now.

>Weren't 4.0-4.1 betas?

4.0 was API-stable and that was written all over

regards, Rolf
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