No really I need help!; Java kills sound

Knapp magick.crow at
Thu Jan 29 07:50:11 UTC 2009

> Do you have dmix enabled in alsa?  You see, but for some Creative sound cards
> that have hardware mixers, alsa (the Linux sound architecture) doesn't by
> default mix audio - basically meaning that sounds from different programs not
> using a software mixer (like aRts provides for KDE3) cannot play at once.
> There is a software mixer for alsa called dmix and it works great in my
> experience (though my current computer has a SoundBlaster with a hardware
> mixer), but it's usually not enabled by default.  Sadly, there's no way that I
> know of to change that with a GUI, so if you haven't enabled it on your
> machine, you'll have to copy or edit a config file.  If I recall correctly,
> doing this on Kubuntu was rather simple, because they have a sample alsa
> config file somewhere in the alsa package (somewhere among the docs for some
> reason) that you can copy to /etc.  I think the name of the file is
> alsa.conf.example and you need to rename it to alsa.conf when you copy it with
> sudo.  That file worked for me without editing, so I hope it does for you,
> too.
> I hope I hit the mark here and am not barking up the wrong tree.

Thanks, I found a file called also.conf but I don't see anything about
the setting you talked about.

Douglas E Knapp

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