How do I install a .bin. I downloaded a Java plugin needed to run some tests by the isp.

Ric Moore wayward4now at
Wed Jan 28 22:09:17 UTC 2009

On Thu, 2009-01-22 at 16:04 -0500, Steven Vollom wrote:
> On Thursday 22 January 2009 10:36:39 am John Hubbard wrote:
> > chmod a+x ~/Des
> steven at Studio25:~$ ls -l /home/steven/Desktop/jre-6u11-linux-i586.bin
> -rwxr-xr-x 1 steven steven 20106959 2009-01-21 
> 12:37 /home/steven/Desktop/jre-6u11-linux-i586.bin
> steven at Studio25:~$ chmod a+x ~/Desktop/jre-6u11-linux-i586
> chmod: cannot access `/home/steven/Desktop/jre-6u11-linux-i586': No such file 
> or directory
> steven at Studio25:~$
> I believe I did as you suggest.
> Steven
Steven, what you are attempting is gonna open up a can of worms. For you
and the list. First, you are running a nice system that is built up
using (k)ubuntu packages. You have the choice of several package
managers that will install files for you (including java) completely
automagically. This system puts the working parts of these packages into
the correct scheme of things. Now, you are about to introduce a "wild
card". A self extracting program that will put parts of itself wherever
it wants to. And, sometimes that is -not good at all- , especially for
the newbie. Nosiree. Then, if it breaks or deviates from the Ubuntu way,
you're hosed and this list will be so full of requests by you, many a
heart will be broken. 

So, gently and non-destructively do this instead.
In a terminal window just type: java  -version

See what you already have on your machine. Then, when you talk to the
techie ask him what version he requires. He will tell you. But, you'll
know for sure that you already have java running and have not wrecked
your installation. 

Now, the crust of the biscuit. In order to be doing whatever requires
you to be using Java, does it require you to also be using a browser,
like Firefox and that you need Java for that?? A whole 'nother topic,
"How to install Java into Firefox". There are a zillion links if you
just google just using `ubuntu firefox java` in your search. 

If not, and you need an upgrade, that bin file will walk all over what
you already have nicely and safely installed for you. Me, I use the bin
files if I must absolutely do so, as a lot of my work is in java, but
check out my linuxcounter user# ...I've done this a bunch before and
have had my share of troubles doing so. What you are about to do is not
safe AT ALL for a newbie. 

Avoid at all costs until you get some sort of basic education in Linux,
which is on you to do. If you haven't seen tab completion on the command
line, I highly suggest joining a local LUG (Linux User Group) and if
there isn't one, start one. You really really really need someone
sitting right at your side showing you this stuff. Then it's a breeze,
once you've seen it. I've set up three computer user groups over the
past 25 years. You don't have to be the Guru, just the instigator.
<grins>  But I'm not thinking you get the complete picture of what that
tech is asking of you, so we don't get it either. Just fire up the
package manager of your choice and search on java. See if the version
you have installed isn't waiting to be merely upgraded. That would save
you SO much hurt in the long run. 

Sincerely, Ric


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