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Georgi Kourtev gkourtev at gmail.com
Wed Jan 28 10:44:21 UTC 2009

Dear Bas,

Thanks. I did the upgrade from KDE4.1.2. Now with 4.2 when I followed the same 
instruction as you suggested. However, at the end I have a red square with a 
white cross on it with message "unable to load widget show desktop". This is 
the case with many of the widgets; interestingly some other do work fine like 
the switch between the different desktops (pager).

On Wednesday 28 January 2009 12:30:47 Bas Roufs wrote:

> Hello Georgi

> * go to the panel with your mouse cursor
> *rigfht cllick
> * choose menu 'add widgets'.
> Carefully scroll through that menu. There you will see again an option to
> install the 'show desktop' widget..
> Note: the present day version of that widget looks different from the one I
> knew from KDE3. It is now a blue flag, divided in a lighter and darker
> half.

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