Using Konsole, how do I get my computer to recognize my new Card Reader.

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Mon Jan 26 22:55:59 UTC 2009

I have gotten my computer to recognize the card reader using the GUI, which 
was a great accomplishment for me, however, I am wanting to become able to 
use the shell for such things.  Hardy KDE 3.5.10

This problem is solved, however, for anyone willing to take the time to help 
me do the same thing using the shell, I would appreciate it.  Those time 
limited just avoid this post.

To get it recognized in the gui, I opened Kmenu>System Settings>Advanced 
Tab>Disk&Filesystems>Highlighted 1 Partition 982.4 Mb/Device/dev/sdc1.  It 
showed as auto for Type.

The only option at the bottom of the screen, after entering Administrator 
Mode, was New, so I clicked on New.  For <mount point> I chose /media/sdc1, 
and for permissins chose everyone.  When I clicked on OK, the mount point was 
set as instructed and it showed as disabled.  I then clicked on the Enable 
option at the bottom of the window and closed the package.  

This worked so I know it is one way of getting the job done, however, when I 
attempted to first locat the sdc1 device using the shell, I failed.  

First I opened /root/media to see if the reader showed there, it did not.  I 
attempted various addresses, like /system settings/advanced/disk&filesystem, 
and failed.  I tried /dev/sdc1 and failed.  

You see my process of thinking.  I just could not find a way to work with it 
using the terminal.  

I tried ls /dev/sdc1, too.  'ls /media' showed it as recognized, but I drew a 
blank as what to do next and used the GUI.  Even that choice was 
experimental, but it worked, and for that I am happy.  TIA


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