Grousing - feel free to ignore

Billie Erin Walsh bilwalsh at
Mon Jan 26 22:21:56 UTC 2009

Art Alexion wrote:
> 4.2 (a/k/a 4.1.96) in the PPA seems significanly more stable and
> usable than the release 4.0-4.1. I highly recommend it.
> On 1/26/09, Billie Erin Walsh <bilwalsh at> wrote:
>> looks like I'm using 8.10/4.x beginning today. I've had
>> ongoing issues with the video settings in 8.04/3.x for some time and it
>> blew up again. I already had 8.10/4.x installed and all my major files
>> were copied over to it so.....................
>> I can't say I'm particularly happy with the situation but.................
>> Asi es la vida.

I just hadn't really planned on a full migration just yet. I was 
thinking by 9.10. 4.1 is usable even with the things I'm not so crazy 
about. I guess the signature says it all.

4.2 is due out any time so I think I will just leave well enough alone 
till then. It should be in the repos in a few days. If not, then 9.04 is 
just around the corner. I can live with it at least that long.

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