Can't get WEP to accept KEY

Nils Kassube kassube at
Mon Jan 26 20:20:23 UTC 2009

Jim wrote:
> Nils Kassube wrote:
> > Jim wrote:
> >> The only thing in /etc/network/interfaces
> >>
> >> auto lo
> >> iface lo inet loopback
> >>
> >> What would I put in file to indicate WEP key ?
> >
> > Does this help? <>
> > First hit at google for "/etc/network/interfaces wep" (without
> > quotes).
> I have the same setup and it's not making any difference,
> knetworkManager is even seeing /etc/network/interfaces.

OK, then there are still two other options I can think of.

a) Uninstall knetworkmanager and install nm-applet (that is the equivalent 
for Gnome).

b) Install wicd instead of networkmanager.

I know nm-applet works with Intrepid while I had problems with 
knetworkmanager. However I can't tell you if it works with WEP because I 
only use WPA2 here. And I don't have Intrepid installed so I can't test 


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