How to access the memory card of a Kodak C330 digital camera via Kubuntu 8.10?

alan c aeclist at
Mon Jan 26 16:15:01 UTC 2009

Bas Roufs wrote:
> Dear Everybody
> Today, I fruitlessly tried to access a digital camera, with a view to
> downloading from there the photo files to the PC. The camera is a
> 'Kodak Easyshare C330'. I use a special interface cable meant to make
> a connection between a USB port and the camera. However, nothing
> happened - the device was not being recognised.
> Than,  I acted as follows: K > system settings > advanced > digital
> camera > option 'Add'. I came at a list of cameras at which I found
> "Kodak C330".  Now, 'Kodak 330' is being mentioned within the 'digital
> camera' menu. Some help menu advises me to look for a folder with the
> address "camera:/'"; that address allegedly gives access to the photo
> files. But I did not find it: not via Konqueror, also not via Dolphin.
> On the other hand: via a CONTROL-F search I did find this file:
> .kde/share.config/kio_camerarc. That file contains the following
> script:
> [Kodak C330]
> Model=Kodak C330
> Path=
> However it may be, I still do not manage to access the camara and to
> download the photo's, also not after a few times of restarting.
> I checked the camera and device at the Windows XP partition of this
> desktop PC. There, I did manage to access the photo's, to download
> them at the disk and to empty the memory card in the camera. However,
> I still would prefer to carry out such action via Linux/ Kubuntu 8.10.
> Can anyone give me a clue on how to do so?

Find out how to physically remove the memory card in your camera: from 
what I think I see on the web pictures, you slide the flap underneath, 
and you will see the batteries and also I believe, the edge of the 
memory card. It is an SD card, and it looks like it is quite an 
ordinary type, used for computers also. Turn the camera off, slide the 
flap, press onto the edge of the SD card and it should popup. Keeping 
your fingers away from the gold contacts, withdraw the card and insert 
it into a SD card reader which can plug into your USB on the computer. 
You will be able to see folders and files on the CD card, using the 
ordinary computer file manager, and or you can use digikam too.

Copy picture files from the SD card and paste onto your computer. One 
thing - it is best to let your camera itself delete pictures from the 
card, so try to avoid doing that on your computer.

The camera, as new, probably comes with about 16MB of memory on the SD 
card. It is very cheap to buy larger cards and fit them yourself. Some 
cameras do not accept large memory sizes - 1GB may be the maximum size 
you can use.

alan cocks
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