Enabled Wifi when there is no wire

Arnaud bourree arnaud.bourree at gmail.com
Mon Jan 26 08:11:25 UTC 2009

2009/1/26 Joel Oliver <joelol75 at verizon.net>

> You will have to use the hotkeys to manually switch off the wifi (Adds
> battery life as well)

Yes, hotkey is definitively a good think when you known that you cannot
reach any wifi spot and add battery life.

> Some like the toshibas have an actual switch whereas the Dells have A
> Function key + F2 to turn it off.  The only other thing I could think of
> is some tricky scripts to load/unload the wifi modules on demand, but
> this can be pretty complicated and specific to the model and card type
> of the notebook.

I don't want to load/unload module, only as NetworkManager does: Disable
I should used NetworkManager interface in DBus

> Joel.

I start to used  NetworkManager notification event on link up and link down:
it launch two shells on.
Both shells done the following:
  - display shell name: i.e. link up or link down
  - display parameters
  - perform ifconfig eth0 (my wired connection)
But the is poor:
  - there is no parameter. I hope something like: eth0 up
  - ifconfig is performe before link is fully up or down

I think that I will take a look on DBus event like NetworkManager

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