Installing KDE4

Joel Oliver joelol75 at
Sun Jan 25 23:55:06 UTC 2009

Graham Todd wrote:
> I've tried to install the latest version of KDE4 (at least, I presume
> the latest versions are on the mirrors).  The live disk runs OK, but
> when I try to install it from the live disk, the install freezes on a
> black screen.  I have an amd64 processor in my computer and I've tried
> both 64bit and 32bit versions with the same result.
> I have tried downloading different files on different days, tried
> burning them at different speeds, and tried both CDs and DVDs (in case
> that makes a difference) with no effect.
> I have only 256mb of ram on this machine, which may be the problem: I'm
> planning on fixing this when the Christmas holidays are over, but I
> can't find on the webpage exactly what level of ram I need - but Ubuntu
> runs on 256mb ram, so do I *need* more ram to run KDE?
> Any advice or help would be gratefully received...
It should run fine with 256MB, although slower.... especially with many 
apps open at the same time may cause alot of "swapping".

It should run though with 256MB, but I'd get 512MB or more ASAP.


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