9.04: is KDE 4.2 ever making it to 8.10?

Willy K. Hamra w.hamra1987 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 25 19:30:02 UTC 2009

Alan Dacey wrote:
> Art Alexion wrote:
>> With more people testing pre-release versions of 9.04, I am wondering if 4.2 
>> will ever make it to the 8.10 repositories.
>> 4.2 was earlier projected to hit Intrepid in December.
> 4.2 is being released on the 27th.  I'm not sure when it will hit the 
> repositories though.
> http://www.kde.org/
> Alan

i am using KDE 4.2 on Intrepid :P but using a PPA, as explained in 
kubuntu's news pages

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