Some simple tutorial diagrams

Jim mickeyboa at
Sun Jan 25 18:10:07 UTC 2009

Donn wrote:
> Hello all,
> I did some diagrams* for Steven a few days ago; I have just got a little web 
> site going (forgive any bugs, it's all custom coded...) and have put them 
> online at:
> I hope they help someone out there.
> \d
> * -- I am sure there are mistakes and some bad design, please feel free to 
> advise me.
GREAT SITE !!! this is a good site for Newbies to lean the Linux 
filemanager and filesystem so they navigate around to find  their files.
I've notice that all Newbies have trouble of placing and finding their 
files, after they get over that hurdle then their on there way to really 
grasping Linux.
I will pass this on to all my Newbies that I draw to Linux.

Keep up the good work Donn

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