Can't update

Clay Weber claydoh at
Sat Jan 24 20:23:18 UTC 2009

On Saturday 24 January 2009 3:02:04 pm Jim wrote:
> This is happening in Kubuntu-9.04.
> Can't update.
> I also get a error sbout "some obsolete package versions installed"
> (their lib files), but I can't get updates until I resolve
> '', connection
> The network is working fine with eth0 and Ican go to that URL with the
> Konqueror web browser.
> Download failed.
> The list of errors is attached. The recovery for this case is currently
> not implemented. If you see 404 errors, it might be useful to try
> fetching package lists (see the Sources tab) and retrying the operation.
> The error was:
> APT Error. Context:
>     Package download failed,
>lashplugin-nonfree_10.0.15.3ubuntu2_i386.deb: Could not resolve
> '',
>gins_1.0.18-1ubuntu3_i386.deb: Could not resolve '',
>gentswitcher_0.6.11-0ubuntu2_all.deb: Could not resolve
> ''

Have you tried changing to a different sever/country? Sometimes switching to 
the Main server helps if the particular server you are connecting to is having 
Clay Weber (claydoh)

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