Printing to CD/DVD

Michael Satterwhite michael at
Sat Jan 24 19:42:12 UTC 2009

I have an HP D5360 printer ... althought there are quite a few other printers 
that could be affected. This printer has a tray in which a printable CD/DVD 
can be loaded to print to the label. The problem that I'm having is finding a 
way in Hardy to print to this tray.

Quite a bit of software allows me to print to this tray (OpenOffice, for 
example). The problem is getting something that is reasonably easy to create 
the label in, followed by a print. The diameters of both the Cd and the Hole 
in the middle need to be visible - which appears to rule out OpenOffice. 
GLabels does this part very well ... but has no way to print to this tray. 
HPLIP makes the tray accessible, but GLabels doesn't appear to take their 
printer configuration from the driver.

I've tried printing to a PDF ... but KPDF doesn't allow printing to this tray 

Does anyone have any suggestions

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