Epson and HP Scanner

Mark Halegua phantom21 at
Sat Jan 24 19:03:25 UTC 2009

I appreciate the info, but we're just interested in a plain scanner and not an 
all in one.  We have a great Xerox Phaser 8560N and it satisfies our need for 

Now we just want an inexpensive scanner.


On Saturday 24 January 2009 02:11:54 am Ric Moore wrote:
> On Fri, 2009-01-16 at 13:13 -0500, Mark Halegua wrote:
> > Can anyone on the list tell me which scanners from Epson and HP they've
> > used on Ubuntu/Kubuntu?
> >
> > I'm looking for an inexpensive scanner priced up to $150 with a good
> > resolution.
> >
> > I've looked at the SANE pages and other places, but most of the info
> > seems old, so any help here is appreciated.
> My Hp combo printer does it all, it scans, it prints, it copies, it
> slices and dices. One thing though that would have me look at Kodak is
> the blooming price per page of ink. HP is crazy, IMHO. I'm not getting
> many pages at all before the cartridge runs dry. I would swear that I'm
> getting those first time free start cartridges, as they last no time.
> I'm royally jerked with HP over this. Funny thing is that complaints go
> to the people who pack the ink and not to HP in the US headquarters. Fox
> guarding the hen house.
> I've checked the Kodak site and they do have some linux routines for
> dnload. One claims to set true color on your monitor. Nifty. I'm
> spending far more money for ink than I did for the printer which I
> purchased a little more than a year ago. So, I'll look at Kodak next
> time, unless I hear something different. Ric
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