SOLVED: Kubuntu 8.10 desktop - how to get back the panel at the bottom of the screen?

Eberhard Roloff tuxebi at
Sat Jan 24 17:38:25 UTC 2009

Bas Roufs wrote:

> However it may be, this is what I have done, taking into account this
> terminal approach:
>> -open a terminal
>> -cp .kde/
>> -cp .kde4/
> In order to avoid mistakes, I first installed Midnight Commander:
> 'terminal>sudo apt-get install mc'.
> The next step was this one:
> 'terminal>sudo mc'
> Than I copied the old .kde configuration to via F5.


I am glad that it worked.
I am even more delighted that you did the copy via mc, since my commands 
were buggy indeed.

Imho it should have read:
cp -rd .kde/

r means "recursive copy"
D means "copy empty directories, as well".

So my original command most probably would have left you with an 
unusable saftety copy. ;-(((

Sorry for my mistakes and again, it is great that your panel is back!


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