SOLVED: Kubuntu 8.10 desktop - how to get back the panel at the bottom of the screen?

Bas Roufs basroufs at
Sat Jan 24 15:49:21 UTC 2009

Dear Eberhard, Derek, Bruce and Everybody Else

A few days ago, I sent you a message on the vanishing of the panel at
the bottom of the screen.  (Kubuntu 8.10, KDE 4.):
>> ...The absence of the panel at the bottom makes working at the desktop quite complicated ....
>> ...So I would highly appreciate your (short) answer. Thanks!

You, Eberhard, pointed out to possibilities to use a terminal to solve
the problem. That approach appeared to be the key to the effective
solution I found today. My findings could be useful for others whose
panels suddenly disappear. That's why, I summarise below how I solved
the problem. As I understand from you, Derek: something like that can
happen because of various reasons, more ore less beyond one's control:
> ...Don't blame yourself - I've lost the panel numerous times through actions that _shouldn't_ have
> that effect.....(snip).

However it may be, this is what I have done, taking into account this
terminal approach:
> -open a terminal
> -cp .kde/
> -cp .kde4/
In order to avoid mistakes, I first installed Midnight Commander:
'terminal>sudo apt-get install mc'.
The next step was this one:
'terminal>sudo mc'
Than I copied the old .kde configuration to via F5.
By the way: there was only one .kde folder. A folder '.kde4' did not
appear; probably because I installed Kubuntu 8.10 'from scratch' at my
desktop, all the KDE stuff has been put together in the .kde folder.

> -rm .kde .kde4 ....This removes your existing kde configration.....
I again carried out a terminal sudo mc command. Than I used the option
F8 to delete the 'old' KDE configuration.

> After login off and back in, you will be back at the default Kubuntu Desktop where any
> modifications that you made to KDE, are gone and your bottom panel should be there, again.
It exactly worked out like this after closing down terminal and using
the K>Leave>Restart option. A kind of default panel reappeared. I
simply added to it a few widgets more in order to customise it to my
specific needs. Now, I have a panel that works better than ever

Now, I walk through some other pieces of feedback.

> Adding a panel _does_ work - you just have to rebuild everything in it -  (snip)...
Today, it became clear that you are right: at the upper left side of
the desktop, I found back several 'panel' and 'task managers' that I
tried to manually insert. However, those details only became clear
after careful research.....

> The way I do this in KDE3 is to: Settings --->  Desktop -->  Panels  -->  Hiding

> Select on the 'Hide Mode' the one that isn't selected and Apply..Then select the other mode and Apply.

> You should be back where you started.

When I worked with Kubuntu 7.10/ KDE3, it exactly worked like that.
However, here in Kubuntu 8.10/ KDE4, something has changed in the menu
structure of System > System Settings > Desktop. I simply cannot find
anything there anything with respect to panels.

However it may be, I solved the problem in the way summarised above.
That is perfectly OK for me.

Thanks for the feedback in this thread.

Respectfully yours,


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