Free Downtown Dayton Internet service.

Derek Broughton derek at
Fri Jan 23 17:41:26 UTC 2009

Matthew Flaschen wrote:

> This is what we have here.  The full configuration works like this:
> A<->B<->C<->D
> A-City wired router
> B-City wireless router
> C-Steven's wireless bridge client
> D-Steven's wired card
> A-B is one network segment, and C-D is another.  The bridge connects the
> two.  Steven needs to procure a device C that can act as the client side
> of the bridge (the server side of the bridge is an ordinary wireless
> router).
>> So the router needs to route from wirless to wired and vice versa, not
>> to bridge anything.
> The bridge is between the two segments, A-B and C-D.

That is simply a wireless client.  B-C is a normal wireless LAN.  The 
_bridge_ would actually be _in_ Steven's router - that is, between C and D 
(though there'll be a bridge between A & B, too, but we really aren't 
remotely concerned with A).  

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