re grub error 17 with Kubuntu 8.04 loading

Ray Burke rayburke30 at
Thu Jan 22 20:12:55 UTC 2009

anyone out there help??????????

I run dual boot xp pro and Kubuntu
I have backups to both these which have seperate drives the same
as the xp pro 80gb/Kubuntu 40gb.

 I cant boot my bkup drives to my win xp pro/Kubuntu  as with my dual boot I get error 17
as I have my backups loaded in a mobile racks
thru xp pro I have
drive c 80gb win xp pro
drive d 40gb linux(k)
drive e 80gb bkup xp pro
drive L 40 gb bkup linux(K)

both bkup's are in modbile racks that I can switch on/off when booting up
but now that I have grub with my dual boot whichever o/s I try to boot

to grub says error 17, but when I switched off the mobile racks its boot ok 
into either win xp pro/Kubuntu thru the grub, so then cant clone my 80gb xp pro,
but the linux will clone thru paragon drive copy 8 when in xp pro?????


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