How do I install a .bin. I downloaded a Java plugin needed to run some tests by the isp.

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at
Thu Jan 22 19:04:46 UTC 2009

On Thursday 22 January 2009, Steven Vollom wrote:
>On Wednesday 21 January 2009 5:43:37 pm Gene Heskett wrote:
>> chmod a+x /home/steven/Desktop/jre-6u11-linux-i586.bin
>Hi Gene, it has been so long since I got the instruction above, I cannot
>remember what the instruction would do.  When I entered the command, it
>simply switched to a new line with the # there, indicating I was still in
>root.  Is the reason I did not see any activity take place because the file
>is already in the computer?  Would it normally have installed the package?
The operation, in that event, was a success.  So the file now becomes an 
executable file as far as its permissions are concerned.

>I am going to man chmod before I continue this thought.  Later.

Cheers, Gene
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