Is there some trick installing a .exe file using Wine?

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Thu Jan 22 17:59:36 UTC 2009

> You don't need the command line, if you find that confusing.
> Click on "FullTiltPoker.exe"  - if "Wine" is installed, it will invoke it
> and install it for you.  Then it should show up in your menu, under Wine.
> Or, to be safe, go into the installer and search on "wine" and install it,
> if not installed.

If you don't object, my previous email will show what my problem is, I think.  
As far as the command line is concerned, it is my primary project.  I must 
get to a point where I can help myself more and trouble you less.  It may 
take me a little longer than most, but I believe I can handle it, in time.  
So if you are willing on this project, please continue with Command Line.

I think I am missing some necessary files.  When I find out for sure, and find 
them, and install them, I believe I will be able to handle QUI instructions 
fine if my system has what it needs to work.  I still much prefer learning 
how to use the Command Line.


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