Free Downtown Dayton Internet service.

Pastor JW pastor_jw at
Thu Jan 22 17:10:37 UTC 2009

On Thursday 22 January 2009 4:37:19 am Steven Vollom wrote:
> Here in Dayton, to promote the Downtown area, they have included free
> internet service.  It works pretty well.  Lots of people hang out downtown
> in the coffee shops with their computers and socialize becuase of it.  Lots
> of students in Dayton.  My studio is very close to the downtown area and is
> in the area of free service.  I am so stupid that I never thought of it
> before now.  Anyway my laptop broke a week after I purchased it; it was
> used so there was no recourse.  It never occurred to me to hook my PC to
> it.  I think that the service is probably not a part of the need.  I think
> that it was not figured when the City started the promotion and therefore
> has caused them to lose a lot of downtown service business.  Anyway, unless
> you have to have some code connection to a wireless service to make your
> laptop modem to connect, it makes sense that you could use it free without
> having service in the area you are located.

You can use the WiFi at many hotspots here in Washington.  Walla Walla has it 
in the downtown area as does Spokane, Colfax, Tri-cities, etc and I use it 
often when traveling through those areas.  BUT, the need for an ISP is for 
e-mail addresses, storage, large downloads, and webpage space so of course I 
have an ISP at my office and home.  You may not be using all the services 
your ISP provides and that you actually pay for, but what you pay for most is 
convenience and speed! 

> When a person with a laptop goes on a business trip, is he charged
> connection fees when out of his home area?  Or is he able to connect to any
> available signal where he is currently located, eliminating the ISP from
> collecting a fee?  An interesting thought.

Business trip connections are provided by most motels but you pay for them in 
the cost of your room.  They really are not free!  Any more than my motel 
room is free.  Someone ALWAYS has to pay the cost!  It is like to government, 
you pay dearly for their "free" services!   Those "free" services downtown 
are paid for by the customers of the coffee shops, wine tasting rooms (Walla 
Walla has more than 160 wineries today in a town of less than 20,000!), donut 
shops, restaurants, and such in higher priced goods.  Just why do you suppose 
Starbucks charges three bucks for their cup of coffee?  Materials to make 
that cup of coffee cost on average less than eight cents!

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