Any LaTeX experts out here?

Tycho Andersen tycho at
Thu Jan 22 16:57:34 UTC 2009

I recently wrote and submitted my first academic paper (hooray!). I've
installed and been using the texlive-full to do this. I used pdftex as
my compiler while writing the paper, but now I would like to post DVI
and PS files on my web page so that people can download it in the
format they prefer.

I've changed everything necessary to compile a DVI, and it compiles
fine and I've verified the output, so that's good. However, when I run
dvi2ps to try and convert, I get the following output:

tycho at mittens:~/www/pubs/inss2009$ dvi2ps inss2009.dvi

dvi2ps: FATAL-- cannot open fontdesc file "bikan-mor2"

Google yeilds nothing useful (rather, nothing in my only language
English). Is the (K)Ubuntu package missing this file?


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