Is there some trick -- Yes! Get the path right.

Donn donn.ingle at
Thu Jan 22 15:31:53 UTC 2009

> steven at Studio25:~$ wine \path\to\program\FullTiltSetup.exe
\path\to\program is not a real path. It's an example.

Step 1:
*Always* know where things are.
If you are concerned with 'FullTiltSetup.exe' then MAKE SURE you are in the 
SAME directory where it is.

*Only* you will know where that is -- you downloaded it after all.

Step 2:
Use the 'cd' command to go to the right place.

So, let's assume that it's on your desktop. 
1. That path is ~/Desktop
[Note: ~ means /home/steven/ -- It's a shortcut. Use it.]
[Note: It's Captital 'D' for Desktop]

2. Therefore: cd ~/Desktop

Now, you can confirm that you are in the right place by looking at what files 
there are in the directory. Use 'ls' for this. Look for the file you are 
concerned with.

If it's not there, then do what you have to to find where you downloaded it 
to. Then 'cd' to that place.

Only after all of that will you be ready to *do* anything with the file you 
are concerned with.

Let's assume you are in the *right* place, so to use wine to run the program 
you would:
wine FullTiltSetup.exe

After that we can see what happens and fix other problems.

Steven, I spent a lot of time doing those diagrams for you. Lots of other 
people are also repeating themselves often. Please *take care* to type 
carefully, follow the few simple rules (like knowing where you are) and you 
should be 90% of the way to Linux bliss.


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