How do I install a .bin. I downloaded a Java plugin needed to run some tests by the isp.

David McGlone d.mcglone at
Thu Jan 22 14:30:36 UTC 2009

On Wednesday 21 January 2009 10:33:20 pm Steven Vollom wrote:

> I was in the process of getting help from my ISP on another problem when
> they stopped me and instructed that I was missing this package and sent me
> to a download site to get it.  I supposedly had to have it before they
> would proceed to the next step in help.  I made the foolish assumption that
> they knew I did not have the package, otherwise why would the subject have
> come up.  Any that is my reason, not my excuse for wasting your time.

I never listen to support tech's at companies. My 9 year old son has better 
computer knowledge than most of them tech's.

I've even once had to show a cable installer how to get a connection when he 
sat down at my computer to finish his installation.

David M.

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