How do I install a .bin. I downloaded a Java plugin needed to run some tests by the isp. RESOLVED

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Thu Jan 22 03:08:42 UTC 2009

On Wednesday 21 January 2009 4:42:26 pm John Hubbard wrote:  The Solution.

Every once in a while someone needs to take it on the chin.  In my case more 
than others.  I am so embarrassed to have wasted the Lists' time.  And thanks 
John for the easy resolution.  But that is not all, Sun Java 6 jre is already 
installed, and I can't for the life of me understand why I was told I needed 
to install it.

I have gotten to be like that little dog in the rear window of the car, my 
head bobbing up and down with every little bump.  Nonetheless, it is 
inexcusable to waste the precious time of so many people.  I am so very 
sorry.  I still have a dozen responses on this issue, and it seems it was 
never a problem in the first place.  Worst of all, the pressure of not being 
able to perform on an instruction so overwhelemed me that I almost had a 
heart attack.  What a fool I have been.  Not to worry though, I got some 
sleep and I feel just fine.  I won't blame anyone who doesn't want to help me  
in the future.  I surely don't deserve it.  

As always, I am deeply grateful for the help I have received in the past, and 
if you continue to help me, I will try to be more thoughtful and careful in 
the future.  Additionally, I will review all the considerable work that I 
have not yet read, and continue to learn the process of being able to install 
a .bin from terminal so that all this work is not wasted completely.


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