Lost icon for desktops

Derek Broughton derek at pointerstop.ca
Thu Jan 22 01:28:00 UTC 2009

D. R. Evans wrote:

> Derek Broughton said the following at 01/21/2009 11:24 AM :
>> In any case. I thought he'd lost the panel altogether - in which case
>> looking at the add widgets dialog doesn't help in the slightest.
> True. Still, there's an Add Panel item on the same menu as Add Widgets, so
> in this hypothetical and increasingly OT thread, he'd have seen what he
> needed to see if he'd tried to add a widget :-)

Yeah, but it adds a _blank_ panel.  I've lost my panel numerous times, and 
find the only thing to do is ctrl-alt-backspace, to kill X, and log in again.  
It's way simpler than trying to rebuild a panel.

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