Free Downtown Dayton Internet service.

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Wed Jan 21 21:00:01 UTC 2009

> Steven, this is off-topic.  

I don't see anything on the box that would indicate that it has bridge 
capabilities.  It is a D-Link High Speed 802.11G Wireless 108Mbps Router.  

D-Link AirPlusXtreme G networks can transfer data up to 15X faster than 
standard 802.11B networks through the enhancement of Atheros Super G 
technology.  With its advanced firewall and security features, the DI-624 
enables users to securely share an Internet connection with wired or wireless 
> However, you need a router with wireless 
> bridge capabilities, 

Nothing I could see on the box talked about bridge capabilities.

> like 

Mine is twice as fast as the one you showed.

> I'm sure there are cheaper ones; that's just an example.  The idea is that
> the router connects to the downtown wireless network, and your computer
> connects to the router by CAT-5/Ethernet cable.

My guess is that the antenna is there so that other users in the house can 
connect to the internet, and is not used as a signal receiver.  But that 
doesn't mean it can't, I suppose.  As I recall, when I had it working for my 
laptop, I had 3 different signals that I could connect to.  My laptop has the 
same kind of card as my router, 108Mbps.

> I don't know if the model you have can act as a wireless bridge.  Also
> note that the free wireless will not necessarily be faster than DSL.

I was wondering about that.  They said all I had to have was the equipment to 
receive the signal and a wireless account and I could connect, but what is it 
about having a wireless account that allows you to connect to a universal 
out-source.  The downtown service is provided by the city of Dayton, surely 
all the users don't have a wireless account with Cincinnati Bell.

I am thinking that if I have the hardware, I should be able to connect to the 
signal from the city.

My new computer has a Gigabit network internal.  Will it receive the signal 
from the city?  Do I need a PCI card with antenna to receive it?  My 
connection is the slowest DSL service now, surely the wireless connection 
from the city would be that fast, don't you think?

Do you know of a good tutorial for dummies about networking?  Never mind, I 
will google that.


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