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Hi Ray,

2009/1/21 Ray Burke <rayburke30 at>

>  Herve,
> I am sorry as kost of my questions on the forum go astray!!!!!
No worries :-)

> when I boot from the backup disk it just continually says gub, but this was
> a
> clonned copy thru ghost 3 of the main xp pro??
I s'pose ghost did not just copy the disk... I actually don't know this
program. I use dd which is not very beautiful being command line and all
that, but does exactly what's written on the tin :-)

> do I do this $ df /boot when in K and with just my xp pro drive and linux
> drive?????
Sorry, you'd do this from the command line (Konsole) in Kubuntu. Sorry again
for my use of command line, I actually don't know the graphical tools though
I know they exist.

To copy the disks, I'd boot from a LiveCD of Kubuntu, so none of the hard
disks are being used, then I'd make a bit-for-bit copy of my disks to the
backup; that's what dd does.

For example, when you start from the LiveCD, your main hard disk maybe
/dev/sdc and your backup disk /dev/sdb, do you'd copy like so:
$ dd if=/dev/sdc of=/dev/sdb

This means copy from input 'file' (if) /dev/sdc to output 'file' (of)
/dev/sdb, and it preserves the boot record and partition table.

You can also copy partitions the same way (after checking that destination
>= source). For example:
$ dd if=/dev/sda3 of=/dev/sdb4

Good luck,

> ray
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> Subject: Re: re grub error 17
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> Hello Ray,
> Re-posting to the list in case it might help others... was sent to personal
> e-mail.
> I - Booting with the backup disks on
> If your system boots ok with the backups off and does not when they're on,
> then my guess is that you have two grubs:
> * one on the main hard drive (the one you want)
> * at least one on the backups (the one[s] you don't)
> and that your system boots by default from the backup. This, as you
> probably know, can be changed in the BIOS settings, under the boot section
> (its location depends on your BIOS).
> II - Error 17
> The reason why grub gives error 17 is due to the difference between the
> partition layout in the backup disk[s] and the original disk. For example,
> Linux's boot partition maybe on partition /dev/sda3 on the original disk and
> /dev/sda1 on the backup disk[s]. To find out your boot partition, type this:
> $ df /boot
> which gives me (/boot is not a separate partition on my laptop - yet):
> /dev/sda8             52506748   3838592  46000968   8% /
> I hope this can help a bit. Do not hesitate to ask again if I can be of
> help.
> Hervé
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