Free Downtown Dayton Internet service.

Matthew Flaschen matthew.flaschen at
Wed Jan 21 19:42:09 UTC 2009

Steven Vollom wrote:
> I just tried to change my ISP to Cincinnati Bell, to get cheaper and faster 
> service.  They told me that I could connect free to the downtown 
> free-service, because I am in live in the area.  My laptop is broken , but I 
> have a router with antenna.

Steven, this is off-topic.  However, you need a router with wireless
bridge capabilities, like
I'm sure there are cheaper ones; that's just an example.  The idea is
that the router connects to the downtown wireless network, and your
computer connects to the router by CAT-5/Ethernet cable.

> I am currently using AT&T as an ISP.  It 
> is a slow DSL service.  If I install my Dlink 108mbs router, can I connect to 
> the downtown service using my internet connection service?

I don't know if the model you have can act as a wireless bridge.  Also
note that the free wireless will not necessarily be faster than DSL.

> I am supposed to 
> get the signal free, so will my connection to AT&T allow it to work?  TIA.

Well, you can just bypass the AT&T connection.

Matt Flaschen

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